The Travel

It’s that feeling you get when you see the open sign lit after-hours.

I have been driving for hours through the memory lines of your historical eyes.

Through miles and my sorrows of staying away furhter away from home,

I found comfort on the unknown roads.

I travel more away from home.

I find everything and nothing for my own.

I travel through the greater distance.

The distance continues…


I cracked the window in my car on my way to get Saturday’s breakfast

The hearse is following me all the way to the next exit.

It’s cold for all my past mistakes.

I flashed my lights letting you go.

I promise you will hurt me.

If I let us stay here

under the moon’s shadow

the sun will come up in the morning

and I won’t be in doubt.

I promise you will hurt me.

I promise you will hurt me

Remembering dark road trips, remembering dreams

Topless and goosebumps on the side of the highway.

Going out of town to see nothing for awhile.

Hair on your lapel, presses between the threads.

I’m leaving all of this behind, she said.

And she will use the dirty towel if that meant another night away.

And I’m about to get comfortable here.

Like smears of saliva on silverware.

I’ve taken the left turn on the unfamiliar road to anywhere than near.

To own wandering Night skies

Expedited Shipping

I’m not happy of what I wrote down but I cannot take it back.

Inked, folded, sealed, & shipped.

From wrongful fingertips & quick saliva

swishes to tell the truth.

I didn’t mean it that way, oh I swear.

My life was in the back of my eyes,

veins in vision of your lies.

It isn’t pretty what I said,

you’re not taking me,

I addressed it correctly.

Extensive car miles,

a ticket worth years of dirty dollars.

I wasn’t worth your time,

you shouldn’t be worth mine.

My sinister words for you hold still like blades of glass in a grass field.


All your lies have melted to the end of your sentence.

Not a word reflects on broken glass.

No second chance.

One last glance.

Post mail.

Your betrayal.

My, my, we were confidential…

Post mail


Darkness travels softly upon the sunlight.

Meeting for completion of silent human souls

focusing on nothing.

No dispute human race, as they face the sky.

Distance covers every neighbor, for all is covered in the blackened site.

Where to fight?

What is left?


Under the blackened sun,

class rooms are in silence today.

Cockerel cupped in the corner for their fathers witness and wait.

Silence in patience today.

Today, the day, the solar eclipse took and disappeared life away.

Blackened sun, bewitching, path changing.

Coming back for it’s return,

burning eyes.

With burning eyes who is to fight under the moon’s dance to the sunlight?

Join us, meet me, under the blackened sun.


Calling for St. Louis from Cleveland

I’m tired of all the housing prices stating how much it will cost for two people.

St. Louis you may be my destination, my home sweet home.

Opening doors for the wandering poor.

But I won’t know until I go alone.

And buy a house for one.

I’m tired of calling a home with an answering machine of two.

My heart isn’t bitter but I can collaborate with the many in my head.

Deeper go, more to find.

St. Louis, you’re a fine looking travel.

A gamble, if one believes in the act.

I’m tired of spending the night where I am now.

There is no soul and it spills my heart into a drink of bore.

I’m tired of looking at you, St. Louis.

You’re invting and I’m coming.

Calling for St. Louis

Society troubled love

And the police man will take no promised words from the man.

For he has a daughter and was once not a good lover.

The boy cannot understand pulling out his clean hands out of his pockets

that were on the daughter’s unlocked door.

Good intentions, from the poor boy.

Father made the daughter understand, the boy leaves with a final stand

of recognition, though not all are determined to ache.

Tough world of trust, no one wants to wait.

For there is no time, what is time?

There is no time.

Love grows underneath father’s nose.

No one knows, made love through shut doors.

Home alone, but they know,

one loving mistake

under society’s blind eyes

will make them run away

to when the blue skies turn purple

and love grows

and doesn’t make sense.

For what makes the couple happy

is never going to make sense to you.

If you once loved, you still won’t understand.

If you were once in love, you’ll roll your eyes to past memories

of judgment and growth.

Love knows nothing but each other, the lovers.

Somewhat confused / in love.

Another lone wolf story

Were you a mama’s boy?

I was the lone lost wolf in a broken family line.

I was nurtured by the forest and raised around the scent of desginated worthlessness.

My mama had said, ”boy, don’t stand still. The rest of our family is restless.”
So am I. Always, you mindless.

Nights of screaming packs of the wolves that I share my vein’s blood with.
Bellows coming from the hollow mouth.

Saliva spills out of my lips to get food without family teeth’s assit.

The rest of the members conitnue to stand destinationless under moon’s light
I’ve made a path in my own forest. Through the tress, I’ve taught the leaves silence.

My mind is not a place for my mama. I’ve witness a life I don’t follow.
I’ve been walking a path…

I’ve been walking a path of my own.

My own contentment movement.

Path of my own

The places you will go…

I have been on the down low about a lot of things lately and will continue to be for the next couple weeks. I will say though that I am thankful for all of the writing opportunities I had and continue getting presented to. Around this time last year I was itching for a big change in my life. Summer 2016 was filled with great traveling and meeting people but there was something in me that was locked up and making my mind think too much.

Poetry took me out of that heavy mindset.

I am now more aware of how to take care of myself. I give myself a fresh start the second I think I need it. I don’t cry often anymore.

My energy has been better. I found stronger passion in things that I always loved but not to its full degree. I got back the person I love the most. I started college.

I have also learned you can’t make everyone happy. Sometimes the people that are supposed to support you by society’s definition will never be there. That’s okay.

I know what I need. I have accepted there isn’t a clear path to anything and that alone is the start for anyone to continue what they need.

Wants and needs are different. If what you want will never be a need, drop it.

P.S. Cleveland is great. I got a summer internship today.